What is Kiriban?

Kiriban is a Japanese fansite concept. Visitors to the site (regular visitors) are usually rewarded with some kind of a image or fanfic or poem or a mix of them, depending on the talents of the person running the site.

A kiriban is 'won' when the counter hits the number that the webmaster asks for - like visitor 555 or 1000. It is not meant for people who continually hit reload just to reach the desired kiriban number. That's considered crass and rude and... well unacceptable.

I keep a log of people that hit the front page so I know if someone's hitting refresh repeatedly to get the kiriban number. Don't do it!

I won! How do I claim my kiriban?

The only way for me to (currently) verify if you are the kiriban winner is if you sign my guestbook (it logs the IP) and then send me an email at Please list the following information in your e-mail:

  • Name
  • E-Mail
  • Request - as detailed as possible unless you want to leave completely to my ah... discretion. Please also keep it within the limits of good taste, I will not draw a picture of XXX engaged in explicit sex with character YYY.

    If I feel that I cannot fufill the kiriban request, I will contact you.. Please allow for up to a month depending on my work-load (I go to school full time and work multiple jobs). It also depends on how inspired I feel at the time.

    Only one image per person per kiriban hit. Please do not request any more than 2-3 characters in the illustration... I will not draw something with like 108 characters! Thank you.

    Next Kiriban: 4000

    10/02/02 1080 Laris Camille & Gremio Complete!
    9/25/02 600 IP: ??? Awaiting E-mail
    9/19/02 303 Nanami-chan Drunken Nanami Complete!
    8/28/02 108 Shadra D Luc and Sasarai, with Sasarai acting the part of older brother. Complete!